Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Days!

Friday morning i started off to work, but i got about 20 mins away from home and my windshield wipers were starting to freeze. I couldn't see. So i called work and let them know, I wasn't able to come in and I was so relieved when i got home that I made a great decision. When I turned on my street it was completely slush. Then it started snowing and it didn't stop for the whole day. We have about a foot of snow.

Yesterday My husband and I decided we would try to make it to Church. Well that didn't happen.... we got about 1 mile down the road and we have a hill we have to go up and it took us 3 times to try to get up that hill. We finally made it but I was really nervous. The car was just sliding from one side to the other and that makes me nervous. I like control of the car and not the car controling me.

We are stuck in the house now for 3 days and I am running out of food. I really need to go to Wal-Mart. It might melt alittle today but we will see.

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  1. Pretty snow! We have ice, with a little snow mixed in! I love a snow day! Sounds like you have had a great time!